Aware..? Very aware, thank you very much…

Yes. I am aware. Very aware. Every waking moment has me aware. And I appear to be aware when I’m asleep as well. What am I aware of?

My darling partner is having our first baby. I’ve only known for a week and its taken over my life…

I’m aware of the overwhelming feelings and emotions that I am experiencing towards her… Love, adoration, respect, admiration, surges of caveman heritage protectiveness, gentleness, anxiety, tenderness…

I’m aware of the physical changes she’s starting to experience as her body starts to become a mobile incubator and prepares to become a future food processing factory for our child. Her tummy is becoming rounder and her breasts larger and very sensitive. She becomes tired more quickly and has bouts of nausea. But her smile is huge and she has that special glow…

I’m aware of my darlings whirlwind of emotions about her pregnancy, ranging from jubilation to fearfulness, thankfulness to humility, but always centered on our baby.

I’m aware of my darlings emotions and feeling for me… Her love and trust.

I’m aware, very aware, very very aware, that I have just become  jointly responsible for the health and well being of a completely dependent human being.

And I am aware that I have no idea what I’m supposed to do as a father. They didn’t cover the role of the father much at school, and it certainly wasn’t part of the curriculum at college. I don’t know what questions that I need to ask, and I don’t know where to get the answers for questions that I do have.

I can’t ask my own dear dad for his sage fatherly advice, he passed on years ago, bless him.

But I will find out. I will get the answers and information I need to be the best father and partner I can be.

I am aware that there’s a multitude of other men just like me, and countless more who have been through it already and done great jobs of being fathers…

And mothers, and grandmothers… Food experts, diet experts, finance experts, mental health experts….

I just need to make them aware that I need help and that I’m asking them to help me, and other men like me.

So, having read this and made YOU aware, what will you do to help us.


Daily Post: Aware



4 thoughts on “Aware..? Very aware, thank you very much…

  1. Love and respect are a good start to maintain a healthy and happy relationship so that you support each other through the changes about to happen.

    You are so right about NO training for parenting, the most important job any of us could have! Main thing is to be consistent, love and support. Accept them for who they are and nurture them throughout life. Good luck!


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